AI Ecosystem Canvas

Inspired by the Startup Ecosystem Canvas from the Founder Institute and refined by our team at Get Hackers, the AI Ecosystem Canvas helps leaders in the community build a sequential list of resources in their region, while also outlining a framework for communities to map their technology ecosystem.

Similar to startup ecosystems, the evolution and adoption of new technologies need a community to build the capacities and synergies in geographic regions to take full advantage of the opportunity these innovations present. Fragmented ecosystems provide little visibility to the community of the resources available to help them achieve their goals and create value for the region.

Our team at Get Hackers believes that this effort will contribute to the regions we operate in and provide the AI communities with a tool to help overcome the challenges that come from a fragmented ecosystem.

Main Categories

The AI Ecosystem Canvas represents a sequential list of resources in an specific region divided by a specific set of categories and is in permanent evolution given the always changing nature of the ecosystems. In order to foster the collaboration of the local communities, the canvas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. We share all the details behind its creation in the this blog post.

Check out the AI Ecosystem Canvas Framework here!

These are resources available for early stage founders and companies to launch and eventually be able to get traction in the market.

Successful entrepreneurs or academics/researchers that provide guidance and give back to the community to enable and foster the growth of the ecosystem.

Public organizations and non-profits that have became catalysts to help nurture the community and promote policy changes and programs to support the ecosystem.

Growth and escale is not possible without a permanent stream of new talent being formed in these institutions.

Large technology companies that attract and cultivate the local talent pool, and also adopt and develop new technologies to stay competitive in the marketplace.

These examples don't happen overnight, but are the most tangible evidence of a strong ecosystem. Frequently founders and employees in these companies are the biggest supporters of the local community.

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